Ramp It Up

Realtors Ramp It Up!

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) created a program to provide labor and support to the community by building wheelchair ramps in Northeast Florida. The majority of the ramps utilize funding from SHIP funds for qualified candidates through SHIP. NEFAR members and NEFAR Charitable in conjunction with the St Johns’ Housing Partnership provide the tools, labor and support to build the ramps. All ramps are usually built within one day unless weather related delay is involved.

NEFAR’s Realtors Ramp It Up! program provides crucial support for those who are home bound by building wheelchair ramps free of charge for qualified individuals.

NEFAR members have built over 250 wheelchairs throughout Northeast Florida since its inception in 2004. While some SHIP funds are still available there is a financial need for those members of the public in need and do not qualify under SHIP guidelines. It takes about an average of $2,000 in materials to build a ramp to city code so please make a donation for this very worthwhile program today.

Check back to hear about our next Realtor Ramp It Up Event!